3 interesting MUST knows about underfloor heating

Maybe you’ve just got help from a moving company Auckland to move into your new house. You’re feeling that it is very cold in this house and are thinking about investing in underfloor heating as you have heard this is a good solution for heating up your home.

Underfloor heating promotes an extremely unique way of distributing heat throughout the household. As the name implies, the heat is distributed through the ground to keep your feet nice and warm.

When considering investing in underfloor heating, it is always important to be aware of some of the most obvious things we miss, or stuff which may be hidden from plain sight. The question to ask now is regardless of what camp you are in, what are the MUST know about underfloor heating for everyone?

Underfloor heating requires no maintenance

We all are aware of installations which require big one-off costs such as air conditioning. Not to mention the maintenance costs required throughout the year to ensure you’re experiencing no issues with your system.

With underfloor heating, there is no ongoing maintenance involved.

None at all.

You don’t have to call in a specialist (unless you’re having trouble with the actual heating) to check on it here and there. You are ready to go as soon as it’s installed which means in the long term, you won’t have to worry about paying up.

This means more money saved in the short term

When getting maintenance on certain equipment, or heavy investments, it costs money and a lot of time to get the person in for an appointment. Getting underfloor heating means that it is a one-off cost with no other complimentary costs in the short-term.

You could save even more money in the long term

If you are in a position where you are looking to settle down permanently, looking into underfloor heating as a cost-effective method for the heating in your home is well worth the investigation. One reason is because in the long term, you won’t have to pay any service costs in the future hence, saving you a lot of money in the future.

Underfloor heating means more control over how much heat YOU want.

With some modern heaters, it’s hard to know or measure how much heat you’re receiving into your household.

With underfloor heating, you can change the temperature manually which gives you far more control than your average heater.

For example, if you wanted to change the temperature higher to accommodate for the winter season, being able to know which temperature it’s at will give you a nice measuring stick as to what temperature your household is regulating at.,

Also, it may be that setting the household temperature to 20 degrees may incur more charges than setting it lower. You could probably be better of turning down the temperature as you now are aware of the charges.

It can also be installed on several materials

So you maybe wondering whether the material you want to install your underfloor heating on is compatible?

The truth of the matter is nowadays, it’s compatible with several materials. For example, some material includes carpet, marble, granite, ceramic and slate tiles.

These are just some of the materials listed above and depending on which company you choose, they may be able to accommodate to your household. Contact your Auckland electrician to have it checked. Start by checking if the ground material in your house can be installed on.


The winter season is one of those times of the year where it’s extremely subtle on how it presents itself. It can occur a month earlier than when you expect the winter season to begin. However, being prepared for any situation especially when it’s season time is always important and could save you hundreds if not, thousands if you invest into the right equipment.

Being equipped with the knowledge of underfloor heating and its diversity of benefits such as the no maintenance requirement, how much heat you want, and its easy installation proves to be a great candidate for heating systems. For assistance, contact an electrician for Auckland electrical services.

Are you looking to invest into underfloor heating?