The TOP mistake with DIY plumbing that is hurting your home

The DIY movement is something that will probably never die out long as people want to save money (which by the way, who wouldn’t want that?)

It’s a great way to save money, and you could learn a tip or two along the way. However, I’m sure you’re also aware that DIY means it’s a risky job altogether.


Chances are, you aren’t a specialist in the field hence ‘DIY’ is for people who wish to grasp enough knowledge to reach a certain goal. I.e. gain enough knowledge to get rid of the pesky virus on your computer.

However, the number of mistakes you could make without knowing you’re committing them in the first place could cause several mistakes. Hence, why people hire specialists and delegate certain tasks.

We’re here to give you the TOP mistake you’re making with your DIY plumbing. Are you ready to hear it?

The top mistake you’re making is by DIY plumbing

That’s it. And I know exactly the number of objections that’ll arise.

“Well what about learning some basic things?”
“I’m really good at DIY stuff, I think I can handle it”
“It’s not THAT risky. It just involves peaking down and see what the issue is”.

This is the type of thinking which can lead to detrimental results. I know I may not have convinced you just yet but bare in mind that you could be risking thousands if not, millions of dollars, potentially voiding insurance, and putting your health at risk.

If you do not want this to happen, read on.

It could be costly

When you want to DIY at home for something as simple as fixing software which is unable to load, or your pen not working, the worst-case scenario isn’t going to be as bad as we think.

But with your house, it could get unpleasant.

Think about it – imagine how costly your house is despite the fact that it’s probably ‘old’. If you’re living in Auckland, it is slowly turning into one of the most expensive areas to live in across the globe. So despite your houses condition, location itself means your house is worth a lot on the market.

So are you ready to carry out a DIY plumbing job in a house that costed thousands to build, but won’t cost thousands to repair?

It is not smart or safe to carry out a DIY plumbing job unless you have substantial experience in the area and are/or certified. Sure, you could do it and there’s nothing stopping you. But the potential risk means you could void some types of insurance and put your entire home at risk.

This is why you should definitely, if you’re in the Auckland area, contact a plumber or one of our specialists as we have a substantial amount of experience in the field with local knowledge.

You could put your entire families’ health at risk

Family first, as the saying goes. In this case, it should be even more emphasised with what we could potentially prevent you from doing. Imagine a DIY plumbing job carried out by yours truly. I fix up the water’s odd odour by simply re adjusting certain things.

We all go to sleep with absolutely no problems. The next morning, the kids wake up early under the impression the water is good to go. They fill up their bottle of water in a rush to school, end up taking a sip later to only find out the bottle they’re water tastes funny and presents a weird colour.

The fact of the matter is even if you repair the issue, the little knowledge you have (assuming you’re not a plumber) could cause issues you are simply not aware of occurring.

The complexity involved inside the network of your household which involve pipes, temperature, gas, and electricity is definitely not worth getting involved in especially if you value your families’ health and yours.

This is why it is extremely important that the people you work with are licensed in their speciality as it eliminates the non-trust barrier almost immediately (hyperlink license to licensed specialists on their website)

Summing up

I hope by reading this article, you are much more aware of the potential risks involved with DIY plumbing. The risks aren’t just small errors which could cause miniscule issues.

The effects are catastrophic and it would be wise to not engage in any form of DIY plumbing.

Leave it to the professional! A professional plumber at NLK Plumbing can take care of any problem, such as blocked drains, leaks, dripping faucets, etc. In many cases, you can also call an emergency plumber.

Has this article changed your perspective on DIY plumbing?