6 Amazing Reasons to Live in Melbourne

Melbourne, one of the widely known cities in Australia, has recently ranked the second-best place to live in the world for good reasons. In this article, we list down the six amazing reasons to live in Melbourne. 

Diverse Community

Just like New York is the melting pot of the USA, Melbourne is Australia’s. There are around 140 cultures represented in this vibrant city. From its indigenous roots to migrants from Asia, Africa, and Europe. You won’t feel like the odd one out, as the city is inclusive and is built by the different ethnicities, cultures, and nationalities it hosts. 

Australia’s ‘Student City’ 

With 36% of all Australian university students residing in Melbourne, it is the Australian city with the most students. You can find any topic or subject that you’d want to learn about and go to a university for it! 

Great Coffee

If coffee runs in your blood, no worries at all! Melbourne’s coffee culture is as deep as it gets. From $1 coffee that you can find in convenience stores to $5 coffee in boutique cafes, you can find most types of coffee whenever and wherever you want! This goes for the brew and roast styles as well. 

King of Artsy Laneways 

You may have seen Instagram posts with colourful, graffiti-painted laneways as backgrounds. Most of the time, this scenario is likely to happen: 

You then wonder where the picture was taken and found out that it’s Melbourne! This makes sense, as Melbourne has great laneway cafes, shops, and stalls. For anyone inspired by graffiti art, stroll to Hosier Lane! 

Great Public Transport System 

If you’ve ever lived in places where public transport is close to nonexistent, you’ll be able to appreciate Melbourne’s variety of public transport choices. From buses, trams, metro trains, to long-haul trains, you’ll definitely be able to get to where you need to go without owning your own vehicle. 

Thriving Sports Scene

For sports lovers out there, you’ll never run out of options when it comes to watching sports tournaments and competitions. From the Australian Open, AFL Grand Final, Cricket, to many more, your options are endless! Gyms and training centres for you to get fit are plenty and easy to find within this bustling city. 

What’s Next? 

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