What Marketing Recruiters are looking for in 2020 Marketing & Sales Candidates

With technology development rapidly on the rise Marketing and Sales industries are experiencing extensive changes in the way they work and with what they do. Marketing and Sales professionals who are successful embrace change and have a creative mindset, they are one step ahead of their customers and know exactly how to market them. If you’re entering the sales and marketing industry or if you’re a recruiter wondering what skills and knowledge your sales and marketing applicants should have then keep reading.hr

Sales and marketing strategies are forever changing and evolving with technology, customers often feel more secure and confident interacting with a company who have excellent digital marketing communications. A marketing and sales teams is essential in any company if you want to make and drive sales, making it very important to hire the right candidates for your position. Recruitment will be dramatically impacted by the 2020 marketing and sales trends, two of them include:

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is projected to rapidly grow in 2020 with the increasing ability of data software. It is important that Marketing and sales professionals have the ability to utilise AI software to ensure they’re tracking and leading the best cliental for their company. AI puts marketers one step ahead of the game, so make sure you obtain the ability to read and implement it into your company. As a recruiter it is important to seek candidates with the necessary skills suitable to use an AI platform, there are a range of training and programs that can prove ones AI ability.


Web chatbots are becoming more and more relied upon, they create an easy way for people to directly ask an online question and receive an immediate response. Web chatbots need to be embraced and used within your company to provide expectational customer service, they are an essential to keeping a competitive advantage. A web chatbot works through a programming system whereby it controls your messenger or live chat box on your website. It is automatically set up to allow you to work smarter. as a company not harder. When you’re recruiting your next marketing and sales professional make sure to quiz them on their ability to set up chatbots and their opinion towards them.

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