Choosing the Right Quality Management Consultant

There is no doubt that management system consultants can be a great addition to your organisation whether on a longer-term contract or a temporary basis. Even so, finding the right quality management systems consultant is a vital decision that requires an assortment of various considerations.

Most organisations sought the services of quality management consultants to help them develop, implement, and maintain their quality management systems. As such, there are numerous reasons as to why an organisation may require the services of a quality management consultant. Some of the most basic ones include:

  • Constrained financial freedom to employ a full time labor force to create & develop a quality management system. In fact, for a small scale enterprise, there is negligible or absolute no need for an in-house management systems portfolio as such a position is not part of the core business activity of the organisation.  
  • An absence of the mastery, knowledge, and comprehension of the prerequisites of ISO management system standards/guidelines like ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, and so on.
  • In some instances, an organisation may require dire or quick support to build up a quality management system & earn the necessary certifications urgently. This normally happens in situations where the organisation is required to have an accredited management framework as a qualification or eligibility for a potential contract or venture.
  • Fizzled endeavour to create, develop and maintain management systems using internal resources
  • Seeking external Quality management consulting services for the development and maintenance of a management system allows enterprises to concentrate more on their income-creating activities.

Quality management consultants facilitate certification achievement by organisations, implementation of new software, and the enhancement of overall quality.

But what are the key considerations to factor out when searching for the right consultant? Well, here’s a guide to choosing your Right Quality Management Consultant.

Be clear about the reason for hiring a Quality Management Consultant

Management frameworks and standards cover a wide scope of management disciplines across the full range of organisational functions. Contingent upon your needs, it is crucial to begin by deciding on the level of support required.

There are numerous roles that consultants can perform on different supporting capacities including:


  • Advisory – The interpretation of quality standards and guiding managers through their implementation in the organisation.
  • Management – this would involve the full or partial management of the system’s implementation.
  • Provision of regular support by performing routine internal audits & giving an additional hands-on resource to implement plans


Typical situations in which Quality Management Consulting can be of great Help

Your organisation has no formal management system – The main problem here is determining what is missing before designing and planning a point by point implementation of your quality management system. It is thus important and very helpful to ask a consultant to carry out a gap analysis and an estimate for implementation.

The enterprise entails a blend of informal management and formal administration framework components – Quality management Consulting helps to restructure the whole system to build a certified framework in which all the requirements of a quality management system standards are met.

Go for an Experienced Quality Management Consultant

For a fruitful working relationship and successful management systems implementation, it is critical that you choose the consultant dependent relevant experience.

Some imperative components to consider include:

Industry experience – Does the consultant hold irrefutable expertise in the industry your organisation operates in?

Relevant experience in Quality management systems Has the consultant got a stellar reputation of auspiciously executing quality management systems.

Standards adroitness – Has the consultant expert got the practical knowledge of translating and enacting the requirements of the relevant standards like ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Certification body allegiance – In case your goal is to attain a certain accreditation, it is imperative to verify whether your consultant has the relevant association with certification bodies that may be of help.

Whether you are looking for ISO Certification Consultants or a firm that will wholly develop a quality management system for your organisation – always ensure to contract diligent professionals who are fully equipped with all the necessary tools essential for efficacious management, monitoring, measuring and enhancement of the core and support processes of your enterprise.

Additionally, your quality consultant expert will spend a great deal of time in your organisation with close access to business procedures and employees, so it’s important that you create a good rapport and correlative credence with one another. This way it will be easy to work together and create a well-structured system in accordance with the logical flow of your business processes ensuring it consistently meets customer requirements and enhances their satisfaction.