How to choose the Best Ice Cream Maker

Ice cream is a snack that has proved difficult to outgrow. You can never afford to forget that first scoop of ice cream you tasted and how it had a hook on you. The irresistible taste of ice cream is the reason why many still crave for it, ranging from that toddler to that seventy-year old grandfather. There are many varieties of treats; vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and the list is endless. Technology has not left out ice cream lovers, so you don’t have to worry about the summer heat that traps you indoors making it impossible for you to go outside and get that refreshing scoop of ice cream.

Ice cream makers have found a new spot in kitchen shelves, considering the many hygienic issues that are associated in public places. There are many brands of ice cream makers in the market today, each having different features. This can be very confusing when trying to make a decision on the best ice cream maker to buy.

In the market today, there are two basic types of ice cream makers available: Machine with a freezer bowl and Machine with installed freezer. A machine with freezer bowl requires that the bowl is completely frozen so that it works. This machine is simple to use, once you place the bowl in the freezer you will hear the sloshing of liquid around the walls of the bowl. It is ready to use when it is frozen to a completely solid state.

The advantage of the ice maker with a freezer bowl is in its compact nature. This type of ice maker is easy to store when not under use. Along with its size, it is also less costly, making it the best model to purchase as a starter. Ice makers with freezer bowl operate manually and therefore it is crucial to keep checking it during its use and turn it off after the recommended churning time.

Ice cream maker with installed freezer is another option while trying to shop around for the best ice cream maker. This type of machine includes larger pieces of kit that are bulky. With this type of ice cream maker, there is no need to pre-freeze the bowl since it is automatically done. Normally, all you have to do is select a button to pre-freeze the bowl then pour into the bowl the mix. The machine will stop churning automatically depending on your selection of frozen treat you made, then you can switch to storage mode. The main disadvantage of this type of ice cream makers is the price; it is usually very expensive. They also need a lot of space in your kitchen.

In closing, ice cream makers vary in quality. To ensure good quality ice cream it is imperative to check the specifications of the ice cream maker you are about to purchase. Besides getting the best ice cream maker, there are rules that need to be adhered to in the ice cream making process to ensure that you get the best ice cream.

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