5 Reasons to Hire a B2B Marketing Consultant NOW

It’s always easier to work with people we know. This is why your hesitance in hiring an external B2B marketing consultant is understandable. However, you’ll find out later on that hiring a B2B marketing consultant can have its own set of benefits that you would otherwise miss out on with just an internal marketing operations team.

Whether you’re an already-established company looking to generate new leads, or a small company seeking to build its own niche market, you will always need an effective marketing strategy. The quality of your products and services wouldn’t matter much if no one is trying them out.

The stakes are even higher with B2B transactions. The B2B market is the largest of all existing markets—even surpassing the consumer market in dollar value. You need a highly-specialised team when tackling B2B markets.

Importance of successfully marketing your business in the B2B market

As mentioned, the assets involved in B2B markets are overwhelming. Companies like IBM spend around $60 million USD a day on B2B transactions to support their daily business operations. Just add that with other Fortune 500 companies and insert the earnings from all small-medium companies—you’ll get a number worth more than what you can imagine.

With the amount of investment these companies give out in B2B transactions, finding the right supplier is of utmost importance. That is the reason why you need to market your business in the best possible light. Companies filter potential suppliers based on quality business cases, smart market focus, trust, credibility, and other opportunities for engagement. Their initial impression on your business will all depend on the public face you show them.

5 reasons why you need a B2B marketing specialist immediately

Now that you’ve understood the magnitude of investing properly on your public face and marketing strategy, you’re probably looking for a final push before you completely invest on an external B2B marketing agency. Here are some of the reasons why you need a B2B marketing specialist as soon as possible:

  • You won’t have a to worry about your revolving door of employees

Whether you admit it or not, heaps of companies experience a revolving door of employees, especially in the field of marketing. This can be debilitating for your business, and even more so for your long-term marketing plans.

With the help of B2B consultants, you’ll be able to carry on with your business without a huge drain on your marketing value. B2B companies aren’t like employees which can leave anytime they want to. Consultants are steadfast partners, always wanting to work with you for as long as possible. When you find the best marketing consultant for your business, they’ll grow with your company in all aspects— from knowing your system, market, and down to your people.

  • You get a team with a specialised skill set

When you seek the help of a B2B marketing consultant, you do not just contract a single person. By investing in a good B2B marketing company, you get a whole team with years of experience under their belt. From graphics design to project management, a B2B marketing consultant will be able to give you the best insights based from their experience with other companies and what they’ve seen from their competition.

  • B2B marketing specialists are always motivated to be on top.

Since there are heaps of B2B marketing consultants in the field, we know that businesses have a lot of options. There’s more accountability on the part of consultants, as clients can always jump ship when they see a hint of incompetence. We always have to stay on top of our game in order to continue working for our clients.

  • A B2B marketing agency is unbiased

Having an in-house marketing manager is always a good thing, but your business could flourish even more when you partner up with an external B2B marketing consultant. They are trained to look at your company at all angles. As they’re less likely to be affected by company politics and in-house friendships, they can be as blunt as they need to be to keep your business going.

  • They’re less expensive than you think

When you look at the initial cost estimate of a B2B marketing company, you might think that you’re paying more than what you should. But if you look closely, you’ll realise that you’re actually saving more than what you’re spending, especially if you get good results.

You get a whole team when you get a marketing consultant— from a project manager, SEO specialist, to a graphic designer. You won’t need to pay for their benefits and insurance to keep them motivated. You won’t need to pay for their equipment and materials either.

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