How To Setup Your Own Private Blog Network for SEO, Part 3

So you have got the nitty gritty of setting up your domains and choosing your hosting option for your PBN out of the way. This is where you can get creative in designing your content and look of your website.

Putting effort into making your sites well designed and engaging will help make your PBN seem more legitimate.

For a recap on what a PBN, or Private Blog Network, is, please visit our first instalment of this article series. We recommend working your way through from the start.

If you are all ready to go, let’s delve into what makes a unique and successful PBN site!

Preparing Your Sites


Now that you have your domains, have found your hosts and are inundated with high-quality content – it’s time to set up your sites for success.


First of all, change your site owner identity from ‘Admin’ to something a bit more unique. This level of personalisation is a great cover for any body who might want to uncover your PBN.


Word press is an easy tool to construct your own website. There a various themes you can choose from on WordPress – some are more suited to ecommerce, others for one-page sites and others still for more unique and complex purposes.


Although there are many themes to choose from we recommend avoiding illegitimate themes that aren’t officially approved, as they may harbour malware or malicious code. Even if they don’t, they may still have instances of sub par code that may open up your site and expose your PBN.

Make sure that your websites have these three crucial pages – Contact Us, Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. If you don’t feel comfortable writing your own legal pages there are plugins you can download that will do the bulk of the wok for you.


On plugins, avoid using them as much as possible. A few key plugins can be very useful, but one too many may increase the likelihood that some insecure code may give you away. Some of our recommended plugins are listed below:


  • Askimet – Blocks spam;
  • CloudFlare Plugin – Integrates a free CDN;
  • Clicky Analytics – Alternative to Google Analytics;
  • Contact Form 7 – For your contact page;
  • W3 Total Cache – Speeds up your site;
  • Yet Another Related Posts Plugin – Shows related posts;
  • Yoast WordPress SEO – Helps you optimise you internal SEO.


Mix and match your plugins on your respective sites. If all your sites are using the same plugins it may look suspicious to any prospective visitors.


Another sign that sites might be connected is the way their permalinks are set up. Mix up your formatting on each your sites between some of the options below:


  • Default:
  • Post name:
  • Custom:
  • Custom:


And, finally, design a good logo to add that stamp of authenticity to your work. If you are handy with Adobe Creative Suite you can do one yourself. If not, Fiverr is a cheap way to get a reasonable quality logo together.



Social Media

Creating a fake social media account is a good idea if you want to add to the legitimacy of your website. You can even buy followers to add to your authenticity (

However, if you would like to add some real authenticity to your PBN, try looking for expired domains with associated Twitter accounts. Some inactive Twitter accounts may have thousands of followers. If you purchase their associated domain, and their email is set up to their domain, you can access any emails sent to that address.

By requesting a password on their Twitter page you can essentially steal their inactive account and appropriate for yourself. Voila! You now have thousands of Twitter followers in one fell swoop.




We hope this article has been helpful. If you would like to go back and read about domains and hosting please read our first and second article; otherwise, move on to the fourth and final instalment of this series, to uncover tips and tricks to creating great content and maintaining your PBN.

If you would like to explore SEO tactics for your business then why not get in contact with a local SEO expert? Find out what competitive SEO techniques can guide you in setting up a strategy that will deliver for your website.

Do you employ SEO tactics already? What type of strategy do you employ? Do you have any recommendations for best or worse practise?

Let us know below in the comments. If you would like to find out more about The Lead Agencies Services such as content marketing or blogging check out our website for more interesting articles.

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