Google Analytics for SEO

Google Analytics

It is the most important tool in the Digital Space. Google analytics is a tool that aids in basic keyword research and the most important part, that is to measure the Return on Investment and other relevant results. Optimizing campaigns and search results is carried out through this tool.

AdWords Editor

It is a tool that is closely linked to Google Analytics. It is used for Editing campaigns and altering all parts of it right from the geography to the time that the campaign will run. It is a very important tool in maintaining an ongoing campaign and helping the Ads rank higher.

Algorithms in SEO

With higher ranking and conversions, google has implemented a set of algorithms that help fulfil the needs of the users. The three main types of algorithms are Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird. While panda filters high and low-quality websites, penguin examines the link structures and Hummingbird was introduced to better understand the user queries.


Variables are a set of rules that helps the search engines determine the quality of websites. The most popular variables are keywords, content and links.

Ranking Factors

As the name suggests, these factors determine the ultimate ranks of Search results. These ranking factors depend on strong keyword research and its relevancy to the landing pages or the content.

Content-Rich Media

Images and Videos are the primary source of content on webpages. While videos are a BIG part of the content media plan, Images are a part of the medium plan. Overall, both are important from a media crawling perspective.

Keyword-Rich Content

Just like the name, contents that have the most keywords are highly regarded by search engines. Also, a link that has most of the keywords will be easily pulled up by the search engine compared to a one that does not. Marketers should be aware of not burying keywords in Media rich content.

Indexed Text

Just like indexing, it is the information that is stored in a Search engines memory. If it is not indexed, it won’t show up in the results. Indexed text makes it easier for search engines to store information.

Multiple SEO Campaigns

Any SEO campaign must have a sub set of campaigns that target specific needs of the Result. For example, a 5-Star Hotel campaign should have sub-campaigns for its Mobile Applications, Any ongoing offers or discounts, etc. Multiple SEO campaigns can be managed on AdWords Editor.


Identical Pages

These pages are termed as duplicate content by search engines. If there is any content that appears on more than one webpage, it means that there are identical pages. These need to be worked on immediately, as they can affect the Ad ranking.


As the name suggests, formatting is a grammatical way of spacing, using the best writing practices and making the content look as appealing as possible. Formatting is an important part of media and content on webpages.

This is a guest post written by Imre Vallyon 

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