Glow: The innovative end-to-end consumer insight solution

When Glow was first established back in 2013, our intention was to be the bridge that linked businesses to it’s customers by providing an innovative platform to gather consumer feedback spontaneously. Our mission was to change the world, one opinion at a time through a user-friendly app that enabled businesses to capture data quickly and easily.


Glow has since evolved significantly, we have expanded our capacities to offer organizations a new way to generate and consume customer insights. In the contemporary business landscape, market research, customer data and insights are all needed for companies to compete and stay relevant.  However, many smaller companies struggle in the saturated market and struggle competing against more established competitors.  Moreover, businesses perceive market research to be an expensive, time-consuming procedure and hence, do not conduct it on a regular basis. Glow is tackling insufficient market research capabilities and budgetary hurdles by offering a solution to these problems.


Our platform was developed to access to primary and secondary data affordable for all companies at the touch of a button.


Ready-made insights in the form of industry and category specific reports and consumer behaviour datasets (called analysis packs) are available. Analysis Packs provide decision makers in product development and marketing with instant and invaluable insight into areas that matter the most to them. This allows companies to rapidly gain an insight into the latest market trends, better understand their potential consumers and develop more effective business strategies. Access the Glow platform as well to slice and dice the data and analyse the research to uncover new insights and innovate.

Tackle business specific research issues with Glows Project Kits. Our Project Kits give companies the power and control to generate their own market research. Combined with the Glow platform, companies can reduce research complexities and deploy custom projects quickly and with confidence. Use industry specific question libraries and templates to quickly develop new surveys, reducing research complexity. We give businesses the tools they need to be able to generate their own market research and discover insights efficiently and effectively. Build a project suited for any business and uncover new findings to get ahead of the competition.


Or with a personalised service, get the level of assistance you specify. Glow can help you with all phases of a market research project through the design, build, data capture analyse and reporting, Glow is there every step of the way. Alternatively, Glow can help you with any specific elements of the project. Utilise our ecosystem of research, data analytics, field marketing and consultancy partners to bring a category or brand to life.


Conducting market research has never been as simple and affordable as it is with Glow. Whether a business is just getting started, is stuck in the middle or in the final stages of reporting, we have something to offer. When exploring the next opportunity to innovate, do it confidently with Glow. Learn more about how we can change the game for a business here.






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