Company Profile- Axiom Workplaces.

Axiom can provide impressive, beautiful office interior designs for businesses to excel. They specialize in creating fresh office spaces that are future-focused, functional environments that are a pleasure for your staff.

Rather than following trends we utilise evidence-based data to create spaces that are outcome-focused. Promoting the unique culture of your organisation. A uniform approach to workplace office interior design is no longer desirable or appropriate.

We understand that different people in a companies dream team have different ways of working. So we fit out offices with a mix of ergonomic environments, so you don’t have to attempt forcing a square peg into a round hole. Axiom’s evidence-based design features ensure higher staff retention and acquisition of talent.


Companies own CEO and Staff understand their business better than everyone else; this is why axiom stays thoroughly engaged with their clients throughout the process. Helping clients to visualize the unique space they are being created. This ensures the final result surpassed expectations.


Environmental sustainability is a priority; so helping businesses design spaces that make it easier to follow sustainable practices is always a goal. An additional benefit of this is that it can substantially reduce energy costs (especially over the long term). It can also improve the health and satisfaction of employees, and attract clients who want to associate themselves with like-minded brands.


Axioms project process consists of three distinct phases:


Phase 1. Insight


Axiom will work with the client to Audit and analyse their workplace requirements, both immediate and for the future.


Phase 2. Ideation


Axiom conceives the design of your ideal future workplace and builds out the precise project details.


Phase 3. Implementation


They manage all elements of construction and execution of their shared vision, ensuring a safe and successful outcome.


Through every phase of the project axiom’s highly disciplined team of Office interior designers, accept responsibility for every element of the design and implementation.


The impact of Axioms finished projects go far beyond aesthetic appeal, the environments they create, certifiably improve the wellbeing and performance of staff. Axiom create multigenerational work places that are optimized for accessibility, different working styles and foster better collaboration between staff.


Axioms elite teams of interior designers are available for transformative projects across major Australian cities including office fit outs in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth.



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